OXD Athletes

Motivated, passionate about sports, hardworking, non-conformist, winners, fighters, with a keenness to overcome…these are our OXD athletes, the best possible ambassadors of the brand they champion with their sports achievements, advocating the effectiveness of the OXD products.

Jaume Leiva – Athlete

  • Champion of Spain Half Marathon 2012
  • Classified 33rd in the World Half Marathon Championship 2012 (4th European)
  • Winner of the Behobia San Sebastian 2012
  • Classified fifth in the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona 2013 (1st European)
  • Winner 10K Cambrils 2013-2015
In my case the OXD creams and gels are part of my daily training routine.
I wouldn’t even dream of going out running without applying the Arnica Cream before and after training. I wouldn’t be able to do without the intense Cooling Gel after showering in order to recover the muscular system and ensure that my legs will be ready for the next training session.
In the winter I use the OXD Heat Cream to properly warm-up my muscles and activate them before I start training.

Alberto Vizuete – Sport Manager Cuatrecasas

alberto vizuete
  • Head of Wellness Job and the sports area at Cuatrecasas law firm.
  • Graduate in Sports Event Management from the Johan Cruyff Institute.
  • Has been member of the managing board of Club Triatló Molins de Rei, and vice chair of Club Ciclista Sant Joan Despí.
  • A mountain lover with many crossings and peaks climbed: Carlit, Aneto, Posets, Monte Perdido, Marmolada, Punta Penia, Piz Boe, Wildspitze, Grossglockner, Mont Blanc, Toubkal, Kilimanjaro, among some.
  • Cycling is his greatest passion from very early on, combining competition with amateur cycling practice.
  •  Has taken part in numerous national trials and finisher at the main cycle-tourism events: Copa Catalana XCO, Orbea Monegros, Pirinés Epic Trail, Rioja Bike Race, Berrea Bike Race, Titan Desert, GF La Mussara, Quebrantahuesos, Maratona Dles Dolomites, Marmotte GF Alpes, Amstel Gold Race.
I try to instill among my colleagues at Cuatrecasas Sports Club the importance of preparing the muscles before any physical exercise; OXD, the heat effect cream, gives us an added bonus.
During stage races, when finishing, I recommend a massage with OXD cold gel followed by OXD recovery gel; the effect from applying both gels is surprising.

Albert Soley – Triathlete

  • Winner of the 2013 XTERRA World Championship (category 25-29)
  • Winner of the 2013 XTERRA Spain Championship (25-29)
  • Winner of the 2014 XTERRA Spain Tour
  • Runner-up of the 2015 XTERRA Spain Championship
In my opinion the intense OXD Heat Cream stands out, because it warms up the muscles perfectly before exercising, while in turn also relieving those areas that are giving me pain.
The OXD Lip Repair Balm works beautifully for the winter competitions, as it protects and moisturizes my lips.
The Dermoprotective Vaseline does its job and it has proven this in many competitions. It protects against irritations and chafing and it is effective in all areas of the body.

Albert Sàbat – Basketball player

  • Point Guard. Divina Seguros Joventut (Joventut de Badalona “la Penya”) ACB

  • MVP 6th day of Liga Endesa (2016-17)

  • He played for other Clubs such as Akasvayu Girona,  Lucentum Alicante o Autocid Ford Burgos.
Using the OXD Intense Cold Gel after the matches and workouts is really great, a massage with this product gives me a very nice reset sensation.

Judit Ignacio – Swimmer

  • Olympic Games Rio 2016. 200-meter butterfly

  • European bronze in London 2016.  200-meter butterfly

  • World semifinalist Kazan 2015. 200-meter butterfly

  • European silver Berlin 2014. 200-meter butterfly

  • 8th position World Championship Barcelona 2013. 200-meter butterfly

In each training and competition I use OXD Vaseline to avoid chafing my skin with the neoprene or the swimsuit.

Dani Nafría – Paratriathlete

  • First amputee to finish the Rioja Bike Race
  • First Catalan amputee athlete, second European who takes part in mountain races.
  • Third classified in the Spanish 2013 Paratriathlon Sprint Championship
  • 24th classified in the World Paratriathlon 2013 Championship
  • Runner-up for Spain in the Duathlon, Cross Duathlon and Cross Triathlon 2014
For me the best OXD product is the Recovery Cream with Arnica and Harpago because of the capacity for recovery that it generates and the anti-inflammatory properties that it adds.

Paula Fernández-Ochoa

paula fernández-ochoa
  • Sports are her physical & mental engine. Sport is through her veins and genes, her father won a gold medal in alpine ski, in Sapporo 72 winter Olympic Games.
  • She has finished competitions like Desert Run (Morroco, 2013 & 2016), New York Marathon (2014 & 2016), Barcelona Marathon (2015 & 2016), Tarragon Marathon (2016), or Matxicots Ultratrail (Rialp 2016)
  • Mountain lover, and reached the peak of Kilimanjaro, and the Base Camp of Everest
  • She takes part to “Egoísmo Positivo” (“Positive Selfishness”), an association aiming for the integration of disabled people to sports.
From OXD range of products, I have tried OXD Heat cream, which I used it to prepare my muscles before any competition, and also for training in cold weather. And also, the Cooling Gel and Intense Cooling Gel post-competition for recovering and refreshing myself, feeling replenished and relaxed, intensified by its menthol. The result of both products is excellent. “I wish to keep discovering more products!

Alessia Bertolino – Triathlete

  • More than 20 years of experience in sport and triathlon

  • She was a member of the Italian professional sports team

  • 2015 Return to Competition after 18 years. Ranked 14th overall female absolute including Pro Ironman Hawaii 2nd Barcelona slot

  • 2016 Kona Preparation: Ranked 21th absolute female and 1st Ranked in her category. Ironman Klagenfurt (Austria)

  • October 2016: Ironman World Championship Kona, Hawaii

Before every workout I apply the heat cream. I like it because it leaves my legs activated to give 100 %.

Ingrid Pino – Athlete

ingrid pino
  • 8 times Spanish Champion in Track
  • 2 times runner-up of Spanish Championship in Track
  • 23rd in the World Championship of School Cross
  • 10 times Catalan Champion
After every training session, I keep some minutes relaxing and massaging myself through my legs with the Repleneshing Gel. When I wake up next morning, my legs are recovered and perfectly prepared for more training!
Before training sessions, I apply myself the Heat Cream; although it is not cold outside, I prefer it to activate my legs and go beyond, and give the 100%.

Mar Hdez. Plana – Amateur cyclist

  • Sculptor and Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona
  • Breast cancer survivor
  • Author of the exhibition and project Sculpted Identity (Identidad Esculpida) which draws together health, woman and sports, created in collaboration with the Government of Catalonia.
  • Award to the Fighting Spirit at the Orbea Marathon of the Monegros and Orbea Pax Avant
  • Amateur cyclist, participant in the Titan Desert 2015, among many other mountain and road race competitions
From among all the OXD products, the Shower Gel stands out because it is really refreshing after practicing sports. Although the product that was really useful during the Titan Desert Race to recover my legs after the tough stages was the Arnica Gel. I would recommend it 100%.

Gerva Mogio – Athlete

  • 3rd classified in the Castilla y León 2012 Marathon
  • 1st classified Spaniard in the Paris 2013 Marathon
  • 1st European athlete classified in the Marathon des Sables 2014
  • Berlin 2015 Marathon
Intense Cooling Gel, along with the Arnica Cream are my two winning stars after a long day of training, without forgetting the Intense Hot Cream for the colder days or when I have deep muscle pains.
There is nothing better than the refreshing gel before the races and for the shower after the training sessions, as it releases all the tension and allows you to continue the rest of the day with energy.

Laura Ràfols – FC Barcelona Goalkeeper

  • Champion of the “Copa de la Reina” (Queen’s Cup) during the 2010-11, 2012-13, 2013-14 seasons.
  • Champion of the Spanish League 2011-12, 2012-13 y 2014-15 seasons.
  • Member of the Spanish Team for the European Under-20 Championship 2008-09
I always use the entire range of OXD products: the Heat Cream before starting a training session or game if I have any problems or pain; the Cooling Cream when I finish exercising if the session has been really intense or if I am going to immediately continue with more exercise, or when I feel that my legs are really tired. I also use the Arnica Cream because it has very positive effects reducing inflammation of the affected area and relieving pain.

Gino Navarro – Premoto3 Rider

  • Rider for the GNB Sport – OXD Team in the Spanish Premoto3 Speed Championship when he was just 14 years old.
I use the OXD Vaseline on my hands when I am riding the bike and I also apply it to other parts of my body to avoid the chafing caused by the full suit and it really works beautifully.
In winter, when it is really cold at the circuits, I apply the Intense Heat Cream to prepare my muscles and the effect is really obvious.

Ferran Insa – World Padel Tour player

ferran insa
  • Couple in the 13th place at Catalan Ranking
  • Best University Padel Player in 2016 by Catalan Generalitat
  • Silver medal in University Spanish Championship 2016
The OXD Replenishing Gel, it is indispensable for me after the hard training, and keeps me recovered. I used to suffer muscle overload on my right shoulder, but since I apply the repleneshing, I have overcome this problem.
When I arrive at home after training and competing, I feel my legs tired, but I strongly recommend using OXD Cooling Gel, because the feeling of freshness and relief lasts for a long time.

Pol Fernández – Tennis player

pol fernández
  • University Champion of Catalonia – 2019
  • Spanish Champion in “Alevín” category
  • Semi-finalist at Catalan Championship under-15
  • 5 times winner in Absolut Tournaments of FCT (Catalan Tennis Federeation)
  • 6 points in ATP ranking for couples
I love relaxing with the OXD Repleneshing Gel. After matches or training sessions, it helps me recover and minimize some pain.
I use as well the OXD Heat cream during the cold season, and the difference is really notorious.

Laia Casino – Athlete

Laia Casino
  • Champion of Catalan Paraduathlon Championship (T2) 2017-2018
  • Champion of Spanish Para-Aquathlon Championship (PTS2) 2017-2018
  • Champion of Spanish Paraduathlon Championship (PTS3) 2017
  • Champion of European Paraduathlon Championship (PTS3) 2017
  • Champion of Spanish Para-Aquathlon Championship (PTS2) 2017
  • Gold medal in Para-Aquathlon World-Championship, celebrated in Altafulla (PTS2) 2017
  • Runner-up of Spanish Paratriathlon (PTS2) 2017
I prepare my muscles with the OXD heat cream and after every session of swimming, I use the OXD refreshing shower gel, so as to tone and relax myself.