Starting in January 2017, all physiotherapy and sports medicine professionals will be able to rely entirely on OXD as an allied brand in their daily life. If since 2015 already had at their disposal the OXD sports massage creams and gels in 1000ml format, specially designed to meet your needs, now you can complement them with a great variety of products. From massage creams to essential oils, gels based on natural ingredients or massage oils.


The expansion of the professional catalog has led to the creation of the brand OXD Professional Care which wants to become a benchmark in the sector. However, OXD Professional Care does not start from zero, it has the experience, quality and reputation of  + B.O products, another of Telic Group’s brands, that have changed their image to be part of OXD. + B.O has been for 15 years a benchmark for many physiotherapists. Next January they will place their trust in OXD Professional Care, if they want so.

If you want more information about the new range of products visit www.oxdpro.com



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