Heat Cream OXD

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OXD Heat Cream

Prepares the muscles before physical efforts and/or under adverse weather conditions

Prepares the muscles and joints

Formats: 1000 ml (1kg)

The OXD Heat Cream warms-up the muscle structure in a fast and effective way before practicing sports.

Its application helps the athlete prepare the muscles before doing physical exercise, in particular when exercising under extreme weather conditions or when there is not too much time to warm-up.

If we apply heat to our muscles, without of course forgetting about warming-up and normal stretching exercises, we can increase the flexibility of the muscles and reduce the risk of suffering injuries, pulled muscles or other normal physical discomfort and pain.

The OXD Heat Cream provides a thermal sensation thanks to the combination of camphor with vanillin derivatives. In accordance to the proportion of these active ingredients we have developed two intensities, which adapt to the needs of the athlete, type of skin and the physical exercise. The OXD Heat Cream is perfect if the athlete has sensitive skin and prefers a more gentle effect over the muscles or if only moderate exercise is to be practiced; we recommend that you apply the OXD Heat Cream if you want to obtain a superior heat effect.

Its texture makes application easy and it is quickly absorbed. It does not stain the clothes and it does not make the skin feel sticky.