Intense Cooling Gel OXD

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OXD Intense Cooling Gel

Recovers muscular well-being after an intense sports session

Refreshing, invigorating and restoring

Formats: 1000 ml (1kg)

The OXD Intense Cooling Gel is perfect for relieving and invigorating the athlete’s muscles after doing physical exercise. It has been specifically formulated for the sports massage and it achieves its soothing effect thanks to the action of the alcohol, menthol and the combination of vegetable extracts. Among these there are rosemary, eucalyptus and mint, all of which have balsamic properties that increase the feeling of coolness and reduce muscular fatigue.

By applying a cooling gel after practicing physical exercise, it is possible to sooth strained, fatigued, over-burdened and aching muscles, recovering muscular well-being.

In order to cover the preferences of the athletes and the different levels of physical effort, the OXD Cooling Gel is available in two intensities. If the athlete is in search of a strong feeling of freshness or has done very strenuous exercise, the OXD Intense Cooling Gel will relieve any feeling of muscle fatigue and will favor recovery.

Its texture makes application easy and it is quickly absorbed. It does not stain the clothes and it does not make the skin feel sticky.

Price: 34,95€