Replenishing Gel OXD

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OXD Replenishing Gel

Soothes, relieves and comforts muscles after practicing sports

Comforts muscles

Formats: 1000 ml (1kg)

The OXD Replenishing Gel comforts the athlete’s muscles after doing physical exercise. It is a light gel with a cold/heat effect that combines the beneficial effects of the Arnica flower and the Harpagophytum root.

A light rubdown after practicing sports helps reduce the athlete’s muscle fatigue. Its effectiveness is achieved by combining the refreshing action of the alcohol, menthol and lavender essence with the thermal effect of camphor, which added to the benefits of Arnica and the Harpagophytum root turn this OXD Replenishing Gel into an excellent muscle decongestant.

Arnica has been used in traditional medicine to reduce swelling and relax muscles due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. On the other hand, the roots of the Harpagophytum are also well known for their potential soothing effect and, traditionally, they were used to treat joint pain and stiffness.

Its texture makes application easy and it is quickly absorbed. It does not stain the clothes and it does not make the skin feel sticky.

Price: 34,95€