OXD supports women’s sport

The brand has signed a collaboration agreement with the professional cycling team SAS Macogep Acquisio, registered in the Union of International Cicilism (UCI) as a French-Canadian team. In fact, it is Quebec’s first professional cycling team and works to promote interest and passion for women’s sport in general and, more specifically, cycling. At the same time, the brand of creams and muscle gels has extended this collaboration to the team of the national ladies division DN17 Nouvelle Aquitaine, an amateur group where many of the international riders began.

partenaire-oxdAt the end of February (24 and 25 respectively) will be presented the members of the teams, the calendar and new partners for this season that in both cases will start in March and will be supported by OXD. In that sense, in addition to the creams and muscle gels, the riders will be treated by their usual physiotherapists with OXD Professional Care products which have a wide range of creams, oils and massage gels and offer solutions for each particular case.

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