Jaume Leiva

Find out the pre-competition routine of the Spanish International Athlete Jaume Leiva

Today, in our blog, Jaume Leiva explains us, which is his routine before an important competition. For example, before the 54th Behobia-San Sebastián, that he recently won.

Before going to sleep:

Auto-massage of OXD Replenishing Gewith ARNICA and HARPAGOPHYTUM on both legs and lumbar area.

Alarm clock: 3h30 before the starting gun of the race.

Breakfast: 2h30 before the starting gun of the race.
· 2 pieces of toasted bread with applesauce, quince and a slice of turkey
· 1 banana in the microwave
· 1 chamomile tea

Between 90’ and 45’ before the start of the race, I am taking sips of Isostar Long Energy.

Before warming-up between 15’-20’ and doing movement exercises, I rub my legs with OXD Heating Cream. So as to protect my skin, I put OXD Vaseline on underarms, nipples, and groin. Finally, 10’ before starting the race, I chew two pieces of Isostar High Energy tablets of glucose.

5’ before the starting gun, I do some progressive sprints and…

I am ready for running!

Those are the OXD products that Jaume Leiva is using for his pre-competition routine:

Replenishing gel OXDCrema Calor OXDVaselina Dermoprotectora OXD


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