The OXD SHOP next to the clubs and their athletes

March ends with more than a dozen partnerships between OXDshop and different clubs and sports organizations in the territory. The main objective is to underline the commitment of OXD to stand with the clubs and the players to bring them products that will enhance their protection and sports performance.

Among the sports organizations there is great diversity if we talk about the number of partners and the main sport practiced. Among them we found soccer clubs, basketball, tennis, hockey and athletics but also gyms. It is particularly important the agreement with the Girona FC which has over 5,000 members and is the first team fighting for promotion to first division. They also relied on the OXDshop other football clubs as the CF City Cooperative, the EC Llerona, CD Montcada, the CF Bellavista-Milan and the EU Mollet.

Related to other sports, have joined the agreement the CB La Garriga and CB Lliçà d’Amunt in basketball, hockey UE La Garriga, I Run with Leiva and Running Vigia in running and, closing the list, the Tennis and Padel Club Can Juli and Terrassasport as a gym. Members of these organizations can enjoy exclusive discounts on their purchases.

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